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A Quilt Made with Love

On Evelina’s first birthday, I proudly presented her with the quilt that I had lovingly made for over a year (so started when she was not even yet born). I had chosen gorgeous Tilda fabrics and roughly followed a pattern. My inexperience did not matter because the end result was lovely and special. When I had Austin, I wanted to do the same for him. And I did. It just took a little longer.

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Two Years Five Months

It is not his birthday (that was five months ago almost) and it is not any other important date but I just had this powerful realisation that if I didn’t write today, right now, while I am thinking of it, I might never write this poor lad a blog post telling you all how amazing and special and exhausting and hilarious this child is. And that would just not do, would it?!

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Austin’s First Year

Let me start with an apology: Mum and Dad, I am sorry that I chided you numerous times for not having as many photos of me as a baby as you did of my (older) brother. I know you had your reasons but I also know this (hopefully pretty universal) truth: the second child does NOT get the same photos (or in my case, photos, blog posts, quilts) as the first born. Evelina has monthly letters I lovingly wrote with photos and anecdotes aplenty. She has photos books for the first three years. I wrote weekly about my pregnancy with her. In short, I have a lot of explaining to do when Austin gets old enough to appreciate the inequality of it all. My saving grace is that I have been using Instagram and Twitter to help document his milestones as much as I can.

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Introducing Austin James Matthew

Austin James Matthew was born on 6th February at 11.19pm. I was induced at Warwick Hospital at midday and although it took a while to get going, it was VERY quick at the end. After having some lasting negative feelings about Evelina’s birth, I definitely feel better about everything now that Austin is born.

He was a healthy 8lbs 13ozs and everything went well although we still have an ongoing issue with his renal pelves being dilated. Despite our general anxiety about this and our concern for him being on antibiotics longterm, the medical professionals all seem very relaxed about this issue and it appears to be a relatively common issue.

Evelina is thoroughly enjoying being a big sister and our home is definitely fuller and complete with Austin here. My heart is bursting.