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I have been feeling nostalgic lately for those Google Reader days when I followed many, many blogs and would check my blog feed aggregator excitedly for the latest posts from my favourite blogs. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are now my go to places to wile away some time.

Then I remembered about Bloglovin. It is more like a magazine format than an orderly list but it has made me read more interesting and longform articles rather than just infinite scrolling through Instagram with ads every fourth post.

It makes me want to write more too which is also a lovely side effect.


A Spring Clean

I have been wanting to write something since we started this period of social distancing but I hadn’t really known where to start. I kept opening up this space to share my thoughts but those thoughts became elusive, hiding in the shadows. Part of the problem is that I associate this place with normality and the life we are living right now is anything but.

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A New Name

Austin will be three weeks old tomorrow so I thought it was high time I introduced him. This, however, gave me a dilemma. I had written all Evelina’s updates on Raising Evelina but I have struggled to rename that blog to accommodate her little brother. I have also been very slow to update that blog at all lately so I decided I would combine all my blogging and rename my Mulberry Wall blog reflect this change in focus.

I will still be blogging about all those things that interest me here but I will also be posting all the children updates here too under the Mama category. I have also renamed most of my other social media to tie in with the blog.


Back at the Keyboard

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 20.26.11

Although my crafting has dropped off dramatically, I have been doing more writing. It’s not enough writing: it’s not regular enough. But it’s a start. One of my issues with writing (whether it’s blogging or ‘proper’ writing) is that I wasn’t using my laptop much – it was bulky and usually tucked away out of sight. Now I have it set up in my new study, it is even more inaccessible. Writing on the iPad just doesn’t work for me for more than texts or tweets so I needed something more portable that would encourage me to be able to write every day.

My new MacBook is already helping me to develop into a regular writing habit. Plus it’s so pretty. I made my desktop background a mix of pics of my family and the Penguin Threads books I have bought for some future birthday present for Lina. I’m hoping these will provide suitable inspiration.

Simple Life

A New Look


Despite the fact that I rarely update it, I love the theme of my Raising Evelina blog so much that I have decided to bite the bullet and use it over here too. I was wavering because of the lack of sidebar (and I do love a sidebar) but I figured the large majority of people who read this (which is basically me and occasionally my mum) don’t probably use my sidebar anyway. This is pretty and clear and simple and uncluttered. And so pretty. Oh, I said that already.

Journal, Mama

Summer Break

20130903-224114.jpgWhat a summer! A fantastic holiday in the Cape Cod area and oodles of time with my Linapie has meant for a fun and busy month of August. With only a week after we returned from holiday before starting work, it has felt like I haven’t had chance to catch my breath. Now I am back at work and feeling completely overwhelmed, I am mindful that I want to keep up some semblance of family life.

I started a 36 things list last year but it got lost along the way with the change in blog. Now I have turned 37, I am starting a new list of things I want to do before my next birthday. I may have cheated and added a couple of things I have already done (although they were done after my holiday so I am not feeling too bad about it!). Check my progress here.

Journal, Mama

Mission Accomplished


I have just been on a boat on the Norfolk Broads with Mum, Dad and Lina for a couple of days so I am sitting at the computer swaying slightly but feeling pretty good about the face that I managed to post a picture every single day in July using the Fat Mum Slim prompts.

I won’t be participating for August but I do hope to keep posting here regularly. Expect to see holiday posts (before, during and after!) about our upcoming US trip, panic posts about planning, general work anxiety and perhaps some things I have made. 

On that note, I have one project which I must get done before our trip and I will be sharing that here once I have given it as a gift. 10 days to go. No pressure.


A New Start

Welcome to my new blog! I’m Kate and I’ve been blogging since 2005 but as I have just started on a teacher training course, I have had to do some extensive online housekeeping.  As a result, this is my new web-based home.

The blog name comes from the feature wall in our bedroom. The colour of it convinced me to fall in love with the house despite only viewing the house for 15 minutes. It also might have had something to do with the fact that I was pretty pregnant at the time. Regardless, it is my favourite colour and our bedroom wall brings me serenity at the end of a long, hectic day.

I love sewing and craft. I strive to live a simple, intentional life. I love reading and I am passionate about my teaching subject, English and Drama. You will see a bit of all these things here along with anything else that strikes.