Simple Life

Clearing the Decks


Since moving into our home just over 2 years ago, we have been slowly getting our belongings into their ‘right’ place. At times it is difficult not to get overwhelmed by all the things we have that do not yet have a place. Some of these things are things we need, use and want but a lot of them are things which are excess, clutter and a general pain in our behinds.

And then there are the toys! Oh the toys! We do not have nearly the number of toys we have seen at other friends’ houses but they still seem to take up precious space and for the most part, I am happy for this. I want Baby Girl to be stimulated and have fun playing with them. We had a recent weeding out of those younger toys to make room for the new birthday and Christmas additions. Even though she might still play with these older toys, it seems to us that the more toys she has, the harder it is to focus on them. Knowing how we can feel overwhelmed by our belongings, we don’t want her to feel the same, preferring that she can enjoy her newest things along with a few old favourites.

Simple Life

A Space of My Own

I realise that a lot of my quirkiness is just another excuse to procrastinate but I find it extremely difficult to focus on studying without an orderly place to do it. When I was given a day to myself last week I used part of it tidying up our spare room. I forgot to take a proper ‘before’ photo of the whole room and desk – the photo above was taken mid-sort. The piles of books are ones that I am selling/donating. The bag of clothes in the bottom corner are the ones my daughter has outgrown (just the most recent couple of sizes). These are all now folded and zipped into the bag, ready to be put in the loft.

I emptied the ugly plastic six-drawer unit and managed to fit everything in the boxes next to my desk, the baskets underneath the desk and the boxes in the wardrobe behind my desk. I had been saving up a ton of glass jars for some future project but I decided to get rid of these as they were taking up precious space. I gave some to my husband for screws etc. in the garage and the rest were recycled.

The space between the desk and the wall was a dumping ground so I moved some of it into the wardrobe (so that similar types of fabric / supplies were together) and just tidied it up.

I alphabetised all my books so I can quickly find what I am looking for and easily which books I already have. To make space, I got rid of a load of books which I never going to re-read, donating them to charity or adding them to our boot sale pile (most likely, a combination of both).

This was meant to be my tidy ‘after’ picture but the slanty books on the top shelf and the magazine file sticking out on the bottom shelf make me itchy. I might need help.

I used to call this my craft corner but since I now need somewhere to study too, it has become a multi-functional space. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want it to still look a bit pretty so I made sure my craft things were still on display should the urge arise, as well as those other decorative touches that keep me feeling calm and happy.

I’ll feel even calmer when I turn that block the right way up…