Journal, Mama

Soaking up the Sun

Today the weather was so glorious. I know there are many that don’t have access to a garden and whilst ours may not be large, it is certainly enough for us to be able to splash in the paddling pool (I am using ‘we’ here rather loosely since I did no intentional splashing) and eat our barbecued dinner on a our patio. We are so lucky.

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Journal, Mama

Where I Am


This gorgeous summer weather has allowed us to spend some much needed time in our garden. We made a few changes which make the garden more attractive and more practical too such as moving Lina’s playhouse to the corner patio:


The sandpit which was on the corner patio has been given bucket stilts and now sits on the main patio near our French doors:


This meant that we had to move our table and chairs over a bit which is better as there is more room now when your come out of the house.