Our First Family Trip as Four


Over the Easter holiday break, we went away as a family of four for the first time. I had put off making the decision about whether or not to go since I wasn’t sure what kind of baby Austin was going to be and I am still not sure about this – people ask me “Is he a good baby?” and I have no clue how to answer. Against what criteria? He seems pretty good in that he rarely screams crying (immunisations day aside) and he is sleeping pretty well at night – for five to seven hours at a time which seems pretty good – but then he is also dependent on lots of cuddles to sleep during the day and is pretty good at the low-key whingy talk when he is not 100% happy. I think he’s good but he’s still a baby so…

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6 Weeks


Time at this time of year seems to move more quickly than during the rest of the year. There are only 6 school weeks until Christmas break and we have the small matter of my first observations at work and a third birthday to prepare for before then.

I always want to relish autumn but before you know it, Halloween and Bonfire Night are gone and winter is coming. (Sidenote: I miss Game of Thrones).

This year, I am cooking Christmas dinner and I just know that I won’t manage to make it half as Martha as I want to make it.

Taking deep breaths…


Half Term Hijinx

20131102-195634.jpgTonight we attended Lina’s first bonfire display which has capped off an incredibly fun half-term week including her first trick or treating adventure, a visit to a farm, baking with Grandma a hair cut for all of us and playing in leaves (one of her own requests for the week).

The fireworks at Warwick Racecourse were spectacular for a local display and so much fun to share with our little family.






Red, White [and] Blue



Happy Independence Day to all my American readers! I am very excited that in just a month and a bit, we will be flying over the pond to visit our American family in Massachusetts to celebrate my auntie and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. We are staying on Cape Cod, an area we  have never been before. Because of my course, I had barely let myself think about the trip because I didn’t want to get distracted by the excitement but now I am finished, I can’t wait to start planning and researching. It’s going to be so much fun!



This is the inside of our fridge and it is looking pretty empty although there is a lot of veg that you can’t see lower down. The emptiness is not because we are due a shop but because we are trying to shed some weight before our big trip to the States in just over a month. We aren’t really on a diet but we are trying to:

  • avoid alcohol except for special occasions
  • eat a lot of salads – especially this one which Cie got me hooked on
  • avoid sugary and fatty snacks – no biscuits, crisps and cakes
  • sensible portions
  • while Ricardo has given up sugar in his tea, I can’t do this so I am limiting the number of cups I drink
  • regular exercise
  • less carbs in our diet

It’s hardly revolutionary stuff and I doubt it will make a difference but I have to try!

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Back for the Summer


Back when I was waist-deep in PGCE stress, one of the things I was looking forward to in June was being able to blog more regularly. I miss writing and am looking forward to writing as much as possible over the summer. Yesterday, we returned from a week in Bognor Regis with ricardo’s family. It was a lovely break after the hardest (academic) year of my life. I feel quite strange to be at home with nothing I absolutely HAVE to do RIGHT THIS SECOND. It’s a nice strange, but it’s still strange.


We went away the day after my last day at university and it all feels like a bit of a dream at the moment. I have qualified with so little fanfare, it almost feels like it hasn’t happened. I had a lovely evening out with my PGCE buddies after a frustrating day of (mainly) sitting around and waiting. At no point did anyone say ‘you have passed’ – don’t worry, I have – so I am left feeling a bit deflated.


Our week away was a good break in which I was able to spend all my time with my husband and daughter, something which I had done precious little of since September. We had surprisingly decent weather; when we arrived, a gale was blowing which made us fear for the rest of the week but it soon calmed and the sun shone for most of the time. We were able to treat Baby Girl to a day at Peppa Pig World which was fab. We visited Chichester, Brighton and I even managed to finish two books. We stayed in a lovely house right on the seafront. The beach was pebbly which means we were not able to keep our promise for Baby Girl to build sandcastles

Now we are back, we are trying to find our groove. Ricardo has washed and hoovered the new car, picked up just two days before we left for holiday which was just as well since we managed to fill up the estate boot! I have spent a couple of hours cataloguing our DVDs as we have too many now to look through when we want to watch something and we also can never remember if we already own something when we see films we want on sale. It is a job I started what seems like a lifetime ago and it feels good to have it almost done (just the TV boxsets to go :-S). We are using iTrackmine which seems as good as any sites/apps we have found and it’s free.

So this is me, back for the summer. It’s good to be home.


5 Reasons to be Happy

photo (1)

  1. Today is my last day teaching for the summer.
  2. My Year 10 group wrote me some messages in their goodbye card and a couple of goodies.
  3. We are picking up our new car tonight. Beyond excited for this.
  4. Tomorrow, I will be seeing my lovely PGCE buddies who have played a major role in keeping me sane since September and I will be qualified as a teacher of English. No big deal.
  5. Saturday, we are going on holiday to Bognor Regis for the week so I will get to see my husband and daughter all the time for a whole week! Bliss!