Crafty Things

Making for Baby Boy

It’s been a ridiculously long time since I sewed anything more than a button. I am hoping that I will get to make at least of couple of projects that are at the very early stage of I Want to Make It.



Like I did for Evelina, I want to make a twin bed size quilt for Baby Boy. I have really struggled to find the fabric I want, though, and I may have to resign myself to paying high import fees / VAT and buy it from the States. These are a couple of quilts I have seen on Etsy that are inspiring my vision for the nursery and I would love to get fabrics like these (in similar colouring).


Quilt 1; Quilt 2; Quilt 3

I also want to make a wall hanging for the nursery inspired by this wall mural:


I have bought some fabric for this project so I am hoping to make a start on it this week.


Terrible Limbo


Probably one of the most uncomfortable situations for me to be in is limbo. The not knowing, the uncertainty, the lack of control, it unravels me. Lately, I have been in a constant state of very low-level anxiety. It bubbles away and I don’t really know it’s there until something flares up and suddenly, I’m not coping as well as I should.

Whilst we have no reason to doubt that the sale of our house and the purchase of the new house will go ahead as expected, the lack of certainty pre-exchange along with the lack of any forecasted move date and the slow progress all means that I feel unable to get on with anything at all be that packing, house clearance or school work. We can’t make proper plans for anything. We can’t throw ourselves into planning for the new house since a) it might not happen still and we don’t want invest too much in it (emotionally as well as financially) and b) we can’t move in until it’s built which is now looking like November.  That said we were able to make our kitchen, tile and carpet choices for the house which was equal parts fun and stressful (we want to get it right so badly!). I just hope we haven’t just wasted 2 weekends on choices for a house we don’t end up getting for some reason.

I find myself settling down to work or watch TV or even cook dinner and I have Exam Nerves with Sunday Night Feeling mixed with I’ve Done Something Bad (which I don’t think I have!) and it takes me a minute to realise it’s the limbo. The very low-level nature of my anxiety means that outwardly I am able to function pretty normally having fun weekends and yucking it up at work but it’s tiring. We knew that choosing a new house would mean feeling displaced for a while. This limbo waiting for everything to happen is making that displacement seem like a cakewalk in comparison. I hope I am right about that! I just need to keep repeating the mantra above: when nothing is sure, everything is possible.



5 things we did this bank holiday weekend


  1. We celebrated Rich’s brother turning 40
  2. Rich and I celebrated being married 11 years
  3. We had lunch with Dad to celebrate his birthday
  4. We watched Captain America 2, Thor 2 and the Hobbit 2.
  5. We bought a brand spanking new house. Gulp.

There is still a long, long way to go (for instance, they need to build it, we need to get all the finances approved) but this is so blimmin’ exciting I can’t even tell you. Between now and October (anticipated completion) I am going to pinning to Pinterest within an inch of its life.


My Weird Hobby

20140114-204630.jpgMost people spend their time doing productive things or worthwhile things on the internet like Reddit or cats or memes. I like to fawn over pretty china I’m never going to buy. These are some of my favourites.

  1. Cornishware – we already have this but it’s so expensive and we need more!
  2. Cath Kidston Mushrooms
  3. Cath Kidston Provence Rose
  4. Le Creuset breakfast set

The Everyday

20130726-160250.jpgWe use this every single day we are home. We are contemplating moving it out of the kitchen as we are sure it is helping our Baby Girl develop some unhealthy habits, in particular regarding watching TV programmes while eating. It is just so handy to have it always available that it will be a shame to have to move it. If we ever manage to get a conservatory, that would be our answer!




We have been in this house just over two and a half years. I recently entered the writing competition over at Homemaker Magazine, writing about what home means to me. They haven’t announced the results yet and I do not expect to hear anything but once they have announced the winner, I will share my article here. Regardless of how I did in the competition it was interesting to consider what this pile of bricks means and what I think of as home.

Journal, Mama

Where I Am


This gorgeous summer weather has allowed us to spend some much needed time in our garden. We made a few changes which make the garden more attractive and more practical too such as moving Lina’s playhouse to the corner patio:


The sandpit which was on the corner patio has been given bucket stilts and now sits on the main patio near our French doors:


This meant that we had to move our table and chairs over a bit which is better as there is more room now when your come out of the house.