Red, White [and] Blue



Happy Independence Day to all my American readers! I am very excited that in just a month and a bit, we will be flying over the pond to visit our American family in Massachusetts to celebrate my auntie and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. We are staying on Cape Cod, an area we ┬áhave never been before. Because of my course, I had barely let myself think about the trip because I didn’t want to get distracted by the excitement but now I am finished, I can’t wait to start planning and researching. It’s going to be so much fun!


5 Reasons to be Happy

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  1. Today is my last day teaching for the summer.
  2. My Year 10 group wrote me some messages in their goodbye card and a couple of goodies.
  3. We are picking up our new car tonight. Beyond excited for this.
  4. Tomorrow, I will be seeing my lovely PGCE buddies who have played a major role in keeping me sane since September and I will be qualified as a teacher of English. No big deal.
  5. Saturday, we are going on holiday to Bognor Regis for the week so I will get to see my husband and daughter all the time for a whole week! Bliss!