A Spring Clean

I have been wanting to write something since we started this period of social distancing but I hadn’t really known where to start. I kept opening up this space to share my thoughts but those thoughts became elusive, hiding in the shadows. Part of the problem is that I associate this place with normality and the life we are living right now is anything but.

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Bullet Journal – March Update

I am finding my Bullet Journal very helpful in making my days at home feel more purposeful and less aimless. I haven’t yet worked it into my school life as the days go by too quickly and a simple to-do list on my laptop or my to-do list pad seems to work well enough. My BuJo is more of a reflective and fun medium that doesn’t fit in the hectic school day. It doesn’t help that I don’t have a proper space to work – I don’t have my own classroom and the English department office is, let’s say, somewhat chaotic. I need to carve myself a bit of space in there.

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Project Life 2017 Weeks 2-6

I am really enjoying working on the weekly Project Life spreads for this year. I am noticing that I am able to add much more journaling compared to the historic album I am working on (currently at July 2015). Our printer has decided to be awkward so I will either have to send off the photos for the next couple of weeks or hope that the new cartridge I have ordered will do the trick. I hope I can get it sorted as it is gratifying to be able to print the photos, write the journal cards and get the weekly spread done all in one go (and I usually manage it during naptime).

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A Week in the Life

AE_WITL_StoriesMatter1I took an Ali Edwards Storyology workshop some time ago and have wanted to participate in another workshop but have not managed to find the time. When I saw that her Week in the Life project ran during the summer break, I took the plunge and ordered the kit, knowing that this would make it much more like to happen.

Today is the first day of that week and I am really happy with the photos I have taken to document my day. I still need to work out how I am going to fill the plastic pocket pages but this seems like it will be fun and illuminating as I try to capture the ordinary for a change. It is also one of my 39 Things; I’ve already managed to do 14 of these since 28 July.



Longhand Journal


I’m trying a new kind of journalling at the moment using a page-a-day diary and so far I’m enjoying it. What I write bears little relation to the day on which it’s written which allows me to write a few days at a time. I am writing from prompts or from the heart – whichever feels right. Some writing is personal, some somewhat philosophical and some mundane. I feel good about that.

I am sure I will come back to the online blogging form of journalling sooner or later but for now, when my writing time is wedged into the day, it seems easier to write longhand than to get time alone with my laptop to type. Maybe having my own workspace will change all this and maybe once the house is photo-ready, I will be back sharing news on the house and my crafty plans for it. Right now though, I’m digging the offline writing experience.


The Need to Capture


I don’t know if it because it feel like time is rushing by like a flooded river but more and more I have felt the need to capture our lives whether that be through Instagram, this blog, in photo albums (it makes me feel a bit panicky that we don’t have any recent photos in print form) or on paper. I really wanted to start a Project Life scrapbook this year but I knew that right at the end of the busy Christmas holidays is not going to be the best time – it is definitely a summer holiday job.

Instead I found an old, barely-used Moleskine journal that I have converted into a 5 year diary for daily shorts. Using a ruler and my trusty date stamp, I have save myself a few pounds. I am of course extremely doubtful that I will be able to stick at it but I will give it a go. Some days it will be a quick overview, some days a thought on my mind. Some days something creative perhaps. I want it to be visually appealling although I do not have much in the way of artistic ability. Certainly nothing like these creative folks.


I wrote a while back about using Day One, an iMac/iPad/iPhone app, for daily journalling. Whilst it was great for using when we were away on holiday, I found it didn’t work for me once I was back home. I will continue to use it as my travelogue and in that way, all our adventures will be recorded privately in one place which will be great. It is such a visually appealing app, I can see getting pulled back into using it from time to time.