Goodbye TWoP, Old Friend

20140329-225422.jpgI found out today that Television Without Pity (or TWoP) is closing in a couple of days. I don’t think the archives of recaps that entertained me and validated my TV obsession will be accessible after 4 April. Their detail, their snarkiness, their understanding that hating is loving when it comes to Dawson’s Creek or Alias or Buffy, all will be dearly missed.

I stopped reading when I stopped watching TV in that pre-child way (marathon followed by marathon, time stretching out like a long, straight road). I wonder why everyone else stopped too. Did we just grow up? Did we not bring along any younger TV lovers? Do we consume TV so differently nowadays that there is no demand for an undoubtedly painstaking recapping service?

It makes me feel sad and, stupidly, guilty – like it was my lack of recent visits that brought the site to an end. I suppose I thought that these words would be available to re-read whenever I want. I have over the years revisited particular recaps like I’m visiting old friends. The recap of Dawson grieving his dad’s death by ice cream is a thing of beauty. Now I’m feeling panicky that these words are to be lost forever. I have a horrid feeling I will be spending a few hours tomorrow night saving those words instead of planning my lessons for the week.

Simple Life, Words

It’s About Time

I am still working my way through Organized Simplicity and the latest chapter deals with Time. As I predicted, the key takeaway for me is that I need to cut down on screen-time, both TV and iPad/laptop/iMac. I knew that this was going to be an area that needed tackling and despite my best intentions, I still spend far too much of my time in front of the box – especially in the evening.

After reading the chapter in the book, I felt like I need a strategy for this. Sheer willpower won’t be enough and I actually value a lot of my television viewing as a way to unwind and be entertained – it is not all rubbish that I am watching. By refocusing on just watching Quality Television, I should be able to carve out quite a bit of time to spend on both fun tasks like crafting and the less fun stuff like housework.

I also find that during the day when I am home, I can waste at least one of my daughter’s naptimes watching something which does not fall into my definition of Quality Television. This tends to happen more if I am particularly tired, under the weather or feeling down. In other words, I am comfort television-watcher. A bit of structure to my week will help this – I always work better with specific goals and a deadline!  So step one: Make a list of the things I need to do and the things I want to. Step Two: draft a weekly schedule, including downtime so that I stay balanced.

I have also organised my craft area a bit (MUCH still to do here!) so that I can quickly access some smaller projects. When I feel like I need some downtime, I will be able to pick up my Halloween mini-quilt (see, I like a deadline!) or my Liberty bibs (that deadline is approaching too – my daughter will be off bottles in a month!!).

Next chapter: Money (and therefore, the dreaded D word).