Extra Time

The days are either crawling by at an unprecedented snail’s pace or flying by in a forgettable blur. I can’t actually believe it is Saturday already and yet last weekend seems like an age ago. It’s tempting to obsess about time, how I ought to be spending it to be more productive. I am trying my best to resist that urge. I keep thinking about all the things I haven’t done (of course, it is too easy to forget all that I do manage to achieve) but I have to remind myself that the main reason for this is because this is not a holiday. I am still working as well as looking after my family and home. Occasionally, I find myself feeling slightly wistful for those who are languishing in quiet homes with no-one making constant demands on them and their time.

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Simple Life

14. Time

Time is a funny animal. There is never enough but sometimes there is too much. It goes too slowly and it flies by. I waste time more than anything else and yet I am always bemoaning my lack of it.

I have a busy day at work today, or at least, I have some important things to get done. So I will try today to use my time with intention. I will try not to waste it. I will not wish it away or mourn its passing. Today, I want to be at peace with time, not at odds.