My List of 20 in 2020

My list of 19 things for 2019 was a total success. I allowed it to be a success by changing up some of the items on the list. I didn’t see the point of ignoring all the things that I had managed to achieve just so that I could stick doggedly to (and fail at) a list of my own making.

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Our First Family Trip as Four


Over the Easter holiday break, we went away as a family of four for the first time. I had put off making the decision about whether or not to go since I wasn’t sure what kind of baby Austin was going to be and I am still not sure about this – people ask me “Is he a good baby?” and I have no clue how to answer. Against what criteria? He seems pretty good in that he rarely screams crying (immunisations day aside) and he is sleeping pretty well at night – for five to seven hours at a time which seems pretty good – but then he is also dependent on lots of cuddles to sleep during the day and is pretty good at the low-key whingy talk when he is not 100% happy. I think he’s good but he’s still a baby so…

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Writing Lists


My life always seems to run smoother when I am writing lists. I may have mentioned before how much I like lists. I generally like to keep to-do lists to keep on top of everything at work and at home. Lately, work has been moving at a pace too fast for lists. Lack of time means that I don’t have the time to write the list and I makes me feel a little bit like I am drowning. Similarly at home, there are so many chores and jobs to do that I fear the list I need to make so it remains unmade.

Which brings me here.

Here, I can write fun lists. Lists of things to do while I am still 37. Lists of books I have read. And now a revived bucket list, brought over from my old blog and ready to be added to. It came about because I remembered I wanted to visit the book shop Shakespeare and Company in Paris one day so I found my old bucket list and saw that I had already added this to the list. Guess I need to come up with some new material.

Journal, Mama

Mission Accomplished


I have just been on a boat on the Norfolk Broads with Mum, Dad and Lina for a couple of days so I am sitting at the computer swaying slightly but feeling pretty good about the face that I managed to post a picture every single day in July using the Fat Mum Slim prompts.

I won’t be participating for August but I do hope to keep posting here regularly. Expect to see holiday posts (before, during and after!) about our upcoming US trip, panic posts about planning, general work anxiety and perhaps some things I have made. 

On that note, I have one project which I must get done before our trip and I will be sharing that here once I have given it as a gift. 10 days to go. No pressure.